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Infrastructure monitoring in New Relic

Observability in One Place

Get answers in context without jumping from tool to tool or performing mental gymnastics. With all of your data in New Relic One, you can follow a line of inquiry in a few clicks and know exactly how everything relates to each other. See for yourself how to go from a high-level Kubernetes view down to individual trace logs with complete context in under 30 seconds and 5 steps.

Run more efficiently in the cloud with visibility at every layer

Run more efficiently in the cloud with visibility at every layer

Today’s infrastructure runs in the cloud, on-premises, virtual machines, or containers managed by Kubernetes. You may be all-in on the cloud, running on-premises, using a hybrid approach, or running in multiple cloud environments.
Infrastructure Monitoring in New Relic provides deep visibility into your entire estate, in one place.
Capture your hosts' health and performance along with the services, containers, and resources into your overall monitoring needs. This will provide the richest set of metrics, events, logs, and configuration changes for application troubleshooting context. With New Relic, you get observability to tame the complexity of operating your entire infrastructure.

See your entire host state in real time

Fast, precise correlation & context: Detect and resolve problems faster with curated experiences that correlate infrastructure health with application performance, logs, and configuration changes in one place.
Advanced Kubernetes monitoring: Get the full picture with multidimensional views into your Kubernetes clusters, pods, containers, and nodes with interactive, high-fidelity, curated interfaces.
Customizable Views: Embrace modern DevOps with monitoring as code for deployments, alerts, dashboards, and more.
Limitless scale: Focus on scaling your infrastructure, not your monitoring.

See your entire host state in real time
Open and Flexible Framework

Open and flexible integration framework

New Relic’s library of integrations and support for open source monitoring systems like Kubernetes and Prometheus makes it easy to instrument your entire ecosystem in just a few clicks. With numerous included integrations, including AWS, Azure, GCP, MySQL, NGINX, Kafka, Apache Cassandra, many more, and new ones added all the time, you can have data rolling in within minutes.
If we don’t already support a service, you can easily build an integration with our SDK or New Relic’s Flex integration builder.
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Too many systems and dashboards

Eliminate data silos, add end-to-end visibility, and improve cross-team collaboration by bringing all of your metrics, events, logs and traces under one roof, where all of your users can easily access them. Reduce your MTTR by letting New Relic correlate your data to the service, instance, or host causing the issue.

Too many systems and dashboards
Five Minute Set Up and Zero Maintenance

Five Minute Set Up and Zero Maintenance

Get everyone on your team aligned behind the right data in minutes. You can gain immediate insights thanks to out-of-the-box integrations, or customize your implementation with our easy-to-use SDK.
With no supporting infrastructure to purchase or maintain, you can speed time-to-value and decrease administrative overhead.
Reduce the time needed to get new engineers trained and onboarded. Deploy the New Relic agent and integrations in minutes and start collecting data immediately.

Infrastructure Monitoring is available out-of-the-box with Full-Stack Observability in New Relic One

Full-Stack Observability is your single source of truth to troubleshoot, debug, and optimize performance across your entire stack. Find and fix problems faster in one unified experience that provides connected context and surfaces meaningful analytics—from logs, infrastructure and applications, distributed tracing, serverless functions, all the way into end-user experience—without having to onboard new tools or switch between them.


Kubernetes cluster explorer

Check out the Kubernetes cluster explorer to see all of your cluster data on a single screen. You’ll see the most relevant cluster nodes and pods, cluster and control-plane statistics, and a table with all the data.


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