Introducing New Relic I/O, your hub for instant observability. Find a quickstart for your stack
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Instant Observability

Get all the resources you need to monitor your stack like an expert, no matter what technologies you use. 
Introducing New Relic I/O, the fastest way to get started with observability best practices.

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New Relic One: 澳洲幸运8手机APP开奖查询-官方手机版开奖结果查询-澳洲幸运8开奖计划

Collect all your telemetry data in one place to deliver full-stack observability and power AI-driven insights so you can confidently improve service reliability and accelerate time to market.

NR One Benefits


Petabyte scale. Millisecond speed.​ Pennies per GB.

A single source of truth for all operational data (Metrics, Events, Logs, and Traces).

Full-Stack Observability

Observability happens here

Comprehensive visibility across the software stack in one unified experience.

Applied Intelligence

AI-assisted incident response for every engineer

Instantly discover and prevent problems, eliminate alert storms, and quickly see the root cause of problems with the help of AI and machine learning.

Deliver more perfect software

New Relic is dedicated to making it easier for software engineers to instrument everything and better understand their digital systems. It's why we embrace open source and why we design everything to get you answers in as few clicks as possible.

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