Full-Stack Observability includes:


Errors happen. Fix them fast and easy from one inbox.

Put your developers in the driver’s seat with Errors Inbox. Surface errors that really matter, and view them all in one place, so your team can proactively detect, triage, and resolve errors—all within New Relic One.

Errors Inbox Screen Capture
New Relic APM Dashboard


Find root causes and fix issues fast. In-depth transaction details show exact method calls with line numbers, including external dependencies for apps of any size and complexity.

Get a complete picture by combining key metrics from mobile and browser apps with supporting services, data stores, and hosts.

Capabilities include:

Infrastructure Monitoring

Gain visibility into all of your infrastructure—including servers and VMs on-premises, cloud resources and cloud-native infrastructure.

Then connect the health and performance of all of your hosts, services, containers, and resources with the richest application context, logs, and configuration changes, so you can understand, identify, and troubleshoot problems faster.

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Infrastructure monitoring in New Relic
Serverless monitoring in New Relic

Serverless Monitoring

Deliver serverless apps with confidence by rapidly identifying when something goes wrong and quickly pinpointing the problem—without wading through millions of invocation logs.

Auto-instrument monitoring and observability to your serverless functions without requiring code changes. And auto-instrument tracing for your legacy application components alongside the performance of modern serverless components—from backend infrastructure to client-side apps.

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Digital Experience Monitoring

Combine RUM, synthetic, and native app monitoring to proactively ensure uptime and performance across services, URLs, APIs, and third party resources on web and mobile.

Benchmark and improve end-user experience for every deployment and code change. End-to-end visibility of latency and errors makes it easy to troubleshoot customer-impacting issues faster, and user-centric perceived performance metrics help you optimize page loads.

Capabilities include:

Digital Experience monitoring with RUM and Synthetic testing
Log monitoring in context with New Relic

Logs in Context

On top of complete Log Management provided in Telemetry Data Platform, Full-Stack Monitoring provides Logs in Context. Logs are automatically correlated with curated content for errors, traces, and spans ensuring the deepest and fastest root-cause analysis.

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Experience Full-Stack Observability

Full-Stack Observability lets you easily visualize and troubleshoot your entire software stack in one connected experience. 

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