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Amazon CloudWatch Metric Streams

Import more metrics, more often, by combining Amazon CloudWatch Metric Streams and New Relic One. Set up is easy, and you’ll receive data from all your AWS services and cloud-based applications as soon as they’re available. Now correlate, analyze, visualize and alert on all these metrics quickly, to troubleshoot a lot faster.    

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AWS and New Relic: Better Together

Whether you are new to AWS or a cloud native, New Relic One delivers the end-to-end observability critical to your success when you choose the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. New Relic utilizes a single data platform for all metrics, events, logs, and traces and delivers the ability to visualize, analyze, and troubleshoot your entire AWS environment.  

You can access and purchase New Relic One directly from the AWS Marketplace - including access to our perpetual free tier. 

Moving to AWS with New Relic

A roadmap for the AWS Cloud Adoption Journey: The New Relic Cloud Observability Framework

New Relic now offers our Cloud Observability Framework to help companies achieve success and limit risk at every stage of cloud adoption. The Cloud Observability Framework provides a roadmap with prescriptive services and outcomes for every phase and substeps of a cloud journey.

AWS Cloud Journey with New Relic
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End-to-End Visibility

  • Get end-to-end observability for successful migrations
  • Understand current state
  • Make informed decisions on migration strategies and future state
  • Pinpoint any issues during migration
  • Validate after: customer experience and application pov


  • Enable Process Modernization: DevOps
  • Identify candidates that can benefit from cloud native services such as Lambda, RDS, Caching, etc
  • Performance data captured in New Relic can expose patterns
  • Identify and instrument your own patterns with New Relic’s open platform as you mature along cloud journey
  • Kubernetes Cluster Explorer for container observability
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Image of GCP monitoring dashboard


  • Deep visibility across entire enterprise to ensure that you are well architected for performance
  • Visibility into cloud resources to ensure you are right sized
  • Ensure applications/services are performing optimally in context of end user experience

A Seamless Experience Managing your AWS Environment

New Relic combines configuration monitoring and real-time health metrics with a dynamic, tag-driven approach to dashboards and alerting to give ops teams an unparalleled view of their dynamic AWS infrastructure. New Relic is also integrated with AWS Outposts deployments and has achieved the AWS Outposts Ready designation, part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Service Ready Program.

  • Built-in dashboards for each service
  • Dynamic alerting that scales with your infrastructure
  • Manage multiple AWS accounts in one interface
  • Track the cost and consumption of your AWS services 
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AWS Advanced Technology Partner

As an Advanced Technology Partner (APN), New Relic has accreditation in six AWS Competency categories and participates in the AWS Public Sector Partner and SaaS Partner Programs. 

To streamline procurement for our joint customers, New Relic is available through the AWS Marketplace and  the Seller Private Offer in AWS Marketplace.

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